Eczema clothing for the whole family…

When Emily told us that her sleep was being disturbed by both her husband and her daughter’s scratching we decided to send over some of gorgeous eczema clothing to see if we could help the whole family get a better nights sleep….

Elianah and her daddy in their eczema clothing.

My daughter Elianah loves to dance. To her toy piano, her daddy’s guitar playing, music at baby groups, the coffee grinder, washing machine and even the toilet flush! She will hear a beat in anything and simply can’t help herself, swaying from side to side, bopping up and down, clapping her hands and nodding her head as she goes. All this makes for tiring work, and at baby groups my content, dancing little girl quickly becomes overheated, scratching and frustrated. The change is sudden. Friends that know Elianah, help me try and distract her little hands. Other mums at groups look sorry her. These times usually end with me stripping off her layers to cool her down, grabbing wet towels from the bathroom and wrapping them around her arms. The party inevitably ending in tears.

There’s another scenario that often plays out in my home. My husband will be getting ready to go to work and will often ask me, “Was it a bad night last night?” Now, you would think with a 13 month baby, he was referring to the number of night feeds or wake ups we had. Rather, his skin burning as he goes through his cream routine in the morning, he is wondering how much damage was caused by scratching the previous night.

As an adult, in the daytime he can exercise more self control than our daughter, and stop himself scratching or use strategies to distract himself. However, the night is more vulnerable for eczema sufferers.

So, when I received some clothing by Everything for Eczema for my husband and daughter, I felt genuine relief and gratitude. That might sound over the top but it takes a real empathy for living with eczema, a true understanding of the frustration and pain it can bring, to design practical clothing for those who suffer in their itchy little worlds.

Mittens flipped closed to stop scratching.

For my daughter, the flip mitten bodysuit was perfect for the singing and dancing time at baby group this week. During the morning, she had worn the suit with the sleeves folded back, showing off the pretty design. Then, when her fingers got the itch, I simply pulled the sleeves over the top of her hands. The outer layer is silk, so although the vest is quite a thick cotton, she was immediately cooled down. As the sleeves are quick and fuss free to fold over or back, once Elianah was distracted by the music again, I could give her her hands back.

Mittens open!

When I get her from her nap times during the day, her first instinct is to have a good scratch of her head and up her arms. Being able to leave the mittens folded over her hands meant we avoided the post wake up scratching frenzy. By the time we had got downstairs to her toys, I was able to fold back the mittens and give her a book to occupy her hands.



My husband is our daughter’s comrade in their eczema battle. They know what it means to feel physically uncomfortable in their own skin. Little things make such a big difference. After a few nights of wearing the SOOTHE Bamboo pyjamas, both my husband and I have noticed a difference.

flip mittens to prevent night-time scratching

For me, I now only have one person breaking my sleep, while my husband hasn’t had to ask me what kind of night he had. The fold over mittens were immediately useful keeping his hands free from scratching without feeling trapped. However, the enclosed feet were a feature he was more impressed by. Toenails, apparently,are a handy accomplice in scratching the itch at nighttime. Although my husband only uses 100% cotton clothing, his normal pyjamas still leave his feet free to scratch. The bamboo fabric of these pyjamas were even more soothing and soft to the skin than cotton.

Eczema pyjamas with enclosed feet

The attention to detail in the design of both these products, including labels on the outside, easily adaptable mittens, and the carefully chosen fabrics, have really made a difference. My daughter has been able to dance and clap quite contentedly, and my husband’s sleep has been significantly helped. Finding the right clothing for eczema sufferers not only soothes skin and relieves an itch, but for us, can give a good night’s sleep, allow a little girl to play with her friends, and give a mother and wife a well needed rest from anxiety and ease to her family’s eczema care routine. In a phrase… Highly recommend.


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