About us

As a mum of children with eczema and allergies I understand the sheer hard work involved in caring for children with sore and itchy skin. Through a haze of constant sleep deprivation we try to find anything that will make our little ones more comfortable.  Many adults too have spent years suffering from eczema and there has been very little available to help them.  

Our mission at Everything For Eczema is to bring together tried and tested products that REALLY help in the battle against the itch-scratch cycle. From finding creams that soothe not sting, to specially designed eczema clothing that helps prevent scratching and soothe inflamed and itchy skin.  

In 2016 we also launched our very own brand of eczema clothing SOOTHE.  Made from supersoft bamboo and available in sizes for babies through to adults, we are very proud that our innovative clothing is now helping many families finally get a good night's sleep.