Looking Forward to 2017

With eczema and food allergies


Well that was an interesting year, wasn’t it? Like many of you we’re glad to be through it mostly, and looking forward to a happy and healthy 2017.

Gail Palmer, Owner of Everything For Eczema

However, there has been some good news this last year for families affected by eczema and food allergies, so I thought it would be nice to do a quick round-up of the big ones, in the interests of celebration and optimism.

Eczema treatments

In the field of eczema, we have some exciting new treatments in the pipeline, that we hope might become available and be good for some of us over the coming years; along with some very interesting research projects:



And for anyone with severe scarring, this looks amazing.  Perhaps it’s not something that will ever be used in our arena, but the development itself, in which someone’s own skin’s stem cells are used to rebuild skin fills me with hope.

Food allergies

And on the food allergies side, we have new research too:

It feels like an exciting time with real breakthroughs being made in both the field of eczema treatment and in the food allergy arena, and we’re hoping 2017 is as fruitful.

As ever, we hope to be picking up on the big stories throughout the coming year and keeping you up to date with all the new changes in research and development on eczema and food allergies.  Please do share your stories and experiences with us too.

In the meantime, I hope you have a happy and scratch-free 2017.


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