Meet the mum behind our popular eczema balm.

Today we meet the mum behind our eczema balm, Skin Salvation.  Natalie Belmond’s journey took her from from making creams in her kitchen, to a grilling in the Dragon’s Den.  Today her company, Pure Potions, make one of the most popular eczema balms in the country.

It had never entered my mind that one of my daughters would suffer from eczema; it was one of those things that I thought happened to other people.  When my 18 month old baby started to get red patches on her elbows and behind her knees I really believed that that was as far as it would go.  But little by little it got worse and worse until by the time Lula was 18 months, she was covered in it from head to foot.  Her skin was raw and inflamed most of the time and she scratched herself until she bled every night.  She cried and screamed when we applied creams to her skin that the doctor prescribed and nothing seemed to help.

Natalie's daughter Lula

I lost so much sleep from her itching in the night that there were times when life seemed utterly unbearable.  She could not lead a normal life like other children as all sorts of environments would flare up her skin.  Each time we saw a different doctor or specialist I pinned my hopes on them having the answer.  Most conventional approaches involve the use of pretty strong steroids and the more we used them the more worried I became about their long term affect on Lula.  I became quite sure that Lula was sensitive to the chemicals and preservatives used in most of these creams and I was desperate to find an effective product that did not contain these ingredients.  Over time we experimented with many approaches, from dietary changes to Chinese herbs but nothing made a significant difference to the condition of her skin.  My partner and I were sleep deprived, exhausted and desperate.  When great Ormond Street wanted to admit her for two weeks of intensive steroid treatment I felt like I was going to have a breakdown.

Natalie and Lula making creams.

Knowing how desperate I was, a friend gave me a book about herbs and I soon realized that it was possible to make an ointment in my own kitchen.  I decided to select the herbs I felt would alleviate her symptoms,  safe in the knowledge that I knew exactly what was going in to it.  I used Hemp Oil as a base which I knew was an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which eczema sufferers often lack. It took lots of changes and experimentation but I finally hit upon a combination which had an amazing effect.  Even before the final recipe was finished we noticed that she did not scream and flinch as we applied the ointment like she had done with all the other products we had tried.  The final recipe produced startling results.  Her skin was less angry and red, the broken skin began to heal and the itching was dramatically reduced.  The difference it made to how she slept was incredible and we continued to make endless pots for her over the months.  She was like a different child and our lives were transformed.

I started to make batches for friends and family and I realized that it wasn’t a fluke!  Other people found great relief too.  Demand grew and eventually I started a business. Since then SKIN SALVATION has grown and is now sold worldwide. Customers find that the ointment serves as a multi-purpose all round family salve, not just for the relief of eczema but most skin irritations and sore skin problems. We still receive hundreds of testimonies from eczema sufferers who have benefited greatly from its efficacy, and especially from parents who are hugely relieved to have found a remedy which is safe and steroid free for their babies and children.  It brings me great joy to witness how helpful the salve is and I am grateful that something so successful came from such a painful situation.

Skin Salvation is a natural salve suitable for people prone to eczema, psoriasis and all kinds of dry, sore and itchy skin conditions.  It is completely free from harmful chemicals.  The salve is handmade using organic hemp oil, and contains herbs that are traditionally used to relieve itching, reduce heat, heal and soothe.  It is now recommended by GP’s and complementary health practitioners nationwide.

Ella Hayden, pictured below is one of our very satisfied customers who used Skin Salvation with astounding results.

Ella's eczema.

Ella's skin after using Skin Salvation ointment.


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