Predict and Protect during flare ups

Do you keep a diary of your eczema triggers? Sometimes it can really useful to predict flare up and then in time keep them to a minimum. Here we offer a few preventative and practical tips to help you ease the itch of Eczema.

Keep a diary for flare-ups and the severity of it. This can really help in finding the root cause of why, when and how. When visiting your GP you can also share more information with them – take photos of each occurance if possible to match up in the diary. These snapshots of different flare up can help you choose the right course of action for you and your child.

Using a natural moisturiser can help calm the itch and keep a flare up at a manageable level. In our experience unscented and natural based products that don’t contain addictive provide a good level of protection for your skin.

Skin Salvation

Do flare ups happen when the temperature is at a set level? Changes in the weather (yep we know how unpredictable the UK weather is at the moment) are difficult to predict but when thinking about turning up the heating in your home try to keep it at a controlled level. We know it can be difficult during extreme hot or cold weather. A humidifier may keep moisture in the air so if your diary does show temperature as a factor it may be worth an investment.

Think about products you are using. Whether bath, shower or clothes washing think about using alternatives to the leading supermarket brands. Don’t be tempted by a super hot bath or shower – keep the temperature around or just above room temperature so not to aggreviate your skin. After your bath/shower use a gentle unscented moisturiser to hydrate the skin.

Lastly – don’t scratch – Yes we know this is really difficult and if it is why not try some alternative clothing that can help against the skin?

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