Review: Skin Salvation from Everything for Eczema

We’re great believers that there’s no better advert for our all natural eczema products than a tried and tested review from a real life customer living with eczema.


Here’s what Claire Elliot from Brighton had to say about Skin Salvation from Pure Potions:

Skin Salvation for eczema

I suffer with eczema over my body and face and even water dries my skin out so bathing and showering can be a chore. I was offered the opportunity to try pure potions skin salvation in December.
Day 1 – I mainly control my Eczema with products that contain chamomile and calamine, with some topical application of steroid ointments. I was pleased to see that chamomile is a main ingredient in Skin Salvation; when I opened the jar I got a lovely whiff of summer hay! I also find it reassuring to be able to pronounce all the ingredients in a product!
Day 4 – This stuff makes great hand-cream as well as a salve. It’s very solid in the jar but when applied to skin is quite greasy so a little goes a long way. I probably won’t use to moisturise my face though in case of spots (and it is the party season!).
Day 7 – I’ve not needed to use any steroid ointments yet this week! Although there have been a few itches, the salve has soothed almost immediately. Hubby is now on the scrounge for his dry back…..
Day 10 –The eczema on my scalp is a tricky spot; the salve obviously makes my hair greasy. It seems to effectively sooth the itch though for a while though and everywhere else is fine.
Day 12 – I’ve had to resort to my steroid mousse for my scalp sadly the salve just didn’t hit the spot on this hard to treat area. I don’t like using a product which states it should avoid varnished surfaces and hands should be washed after application! What affect does it have when it enters my bloodstream? However, on the up side, I usually need the mousse about once a week so if I can even halve the frequency of application by using Skin Salvation regularly that’s a good thing.

We’re delighted that Claire was so pleased with the product!

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