Searching For Answers…

“Is there a cure for eczema?”

How do other families cope with sleep deprivation?”

Cartoon from Eczema Blues

These were just some of the many questions I had when Miss T was first diagnosed.  Some could be answered by our dermatologist, but usually there wasn’t time to go through my long list of queries.   Often, I would remember the most important question just as we were ushered out of the consulting room.

I’m sure I was no different to any other eczema mum when I turned to the internet to try to find some answers. However as with any medical condition, turning to Google can be a risky business! There are so many companies out there who are pretty unscrupulous in their desire to make money.  Download their E-book or use their magic cream and, hay presto, your skin will be instantly cured!

A good example of this is documented by Jenny, who writes about her journey with eczema in the great blog ‘I Have Eczema’.  Other bloggers brought to her attention that her photo was being used as a ‘before’ image for an eczema cure.  The ‘after’ photo was actually a completely different person.

Before and after - 2 different people!

The offending website was also full of lots of nasty viruses and bugs.  So not only would customers have wasted their money on a completely useless product, their computer could also have been targeted.


There are, however, some really wonderful resources online that are both informative, up-to-date and honest about living with eczema.  We have listed some of the sites that we found useful and still refer back to now.  Do you have a brilliant website that you could recommend?

The National Eczema Society – A UK charity dedicated to helping people whose lives are affected by eczema.  Provides advice on treating and managing eczema and raises awareness with healthcare professionals, teachers and the government regarding the needs of those with eczema.

The National Eczema Association – The US equivalent of the National Eczema Society.  Check out their very active forum INSPIRE to chat with others people living with eczema

Eczema Society Canada – Dedicated to education, awareness and providing support.

Nottingham Eczema Support for Carers of Children with Eczema – Not just for people who live in Nottingham!  This site is a mine of really useful, up-to-date information and all the latest research.

Chicago Integrative Eczema Centre – A resource for patients and families with eczema which brings together traditional Western medical treatments alongside natural therapies.

Eczema Blues – A more light-hearted look at eczema through the eyes of an eczema mum.
Lots of real life tips on dealing day-to-day with eczema.

Itchy Sneezy Wheezy – Lots of great advice on eczema, asthma and allergies.

Talk Eczema – An online support and information community dedicated to patients and carers facing everyday life with eczema.

NICE Guidelines for Eczema – Really useful if you are struggling to get a referral to a dermatologist.

Baby Centre UK – A very active forum with lots of great advice and support from other parents of children with eczema.  There is also a US version of this website.

Eczema Voice – A forum for anyone with eczema.


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