The Christmas gifts that keep on giving (gifts for an eczema or allergy child)

Present ideas for an eczema or allergy child

It’s that time of year again when all my relatives are asking what the girls want for Christmas.  I would love to pretend that all they want is family and world peace and that we don’t really get into the orgy of consumerism that is Christmas in this country, but the reality is somewhat different.

Perfumes and Lip Balm

Eczema flare-up from a polyester eye mask

Miss T – the youngest of the EfE clan, has just turned 9 and is beginning to be more interested in perfume and pretties.  She’s an outdoorsy, sciency kid, and loves nothing more than making her own concoctions with petals and a pestle and mortar, and would adore a stash of natural oils and waxes to make her own perfume and lip balm.

She would also love a replacement sleep mask, after I had to take away the one she was using, due to a recent eczema flare up across her eyes.  I’m still not sure if it was simply the nylon or the soap powder it had been washed in (she had bought it from a charity shop).

Natural fibres

But if she has a sleep mask, it must be silk or bamboo and its likely she would be allergic to natural oils in a lip balm set too (I am).  Even grinding up grass and leaves can set her allergies off in the summer although I’m not so mean as to stop all potion making generally.

Christmas can be a bit of a minefield for us, as well-meaning family love to give gorgeous, much wanted pressies to the girls, which they simply cannot have.

What not to buy an eczema sufferer

Previously confiscated Christmas gifts include

  • A box of quality street – Russian roulette in our house where we have a severe nut allergy
  • Face paints – Nightmare
  • Nickel jewellery
  • Dress up polyester
  • Bubble bath and ‘beauty’ products
  • Bath crayons and playdoh
  • Polyester nighties and pyjamas – often with branded pictures that they would love

Eczema & allergy flare-up risks

I am the Grinch. Snatching these goodies away.  I’ve tried letting family and friends know that some things just aren’t OK – but it’s not easy to do this without causing offense.  I’m sticking to my guns this year though.  Two nights in polyester nightie can mean a month of sleepless nights in our house and don’t get me started on face paints…

Your tips on a happy eczema & allergy Christmas

How do you manage Christmas?  Are you prescriptive about gifts, detailing exactly the thing the children want?  Do you take your own food to family gatherings?  Please share your hints and tips for making it work for you.  We would love to hear from you.



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