Guest post: An eczema update from Amy

Guest post: An eczema update from Amy

We last met Amy a couple of months ago just before her daughter was due to go into Great Ormond Street for treatment of her eczema.  Amy’s now giving us an update on their experiences.

Hello its Amy Bethany’s mum. Here is an update on Bethany’s condition.

Bethany has been very up and down recently it’s been very busy and manic. Bethany was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital and they have worked out that she has a problem with her immune system and that problem is her immune system is fighting itself. Great Ormond Street said this could be a big part of all of Bethany’s problems and allergies to heat, UV rays and all the different foods and stuff general day to day life. They have decided to put her on a drug called Azathioprine which is an immunosuppressive drug.

The ideal idea would be that it drops Bethany’s immunity so it can’t fight itself. The drug takes 12 weeks to start to show any sort of differences in her skin and her body. There are off course a lot of positives and negatives about the drug which we will have to come across if and when they happen. Bethany will have to have a pneumonia and flu jab once a year while she is on the medication due to the drug lowering her immune system Bethany is more likely to catch colds, flus and any contagious diseases (e.g. measles). The medication is classed as a mild chemotherapy drug and Bethany will be on it for a minimum of two years. Great Ormond Street has changed her creams and is trying to support us in every way they can.

Bethany is back in Great Ormond Street on the 24th of June for a week for more wet wrapping treatment as her skin is very dry, sore and itchy as the weather does not want to make up its mind. Bethany is coping really well to all the medication changes I think she hopes and prays that she can be a normal child with no worries. Unfortunately the new medication is not going to cure her it is just going to make all her conditions more manageable (well that’s the idea). My princess has been through so much in her life more than most people will go through in their whole life. Let’s just hope this medication can help. Fingers crossed people.

If you ever want to get in contact with me please contact Everything For Eczema and I’m happy to have 1 to 1 chats with people. I know how it feels to be confused, wanting answers and feeling like no- one understands. That’s where your wrong I do!

Has your child had to be hospitalized for their eczema?  We’d love to hear about your experiences.


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