Top 5 Eczema Blogs

Top 5 Eczema Blogs

Having eczema or having a child with eczema can feel like such a lonely time. 

Here we have put together a few of our favourite eczema blogs.

I have Eczema is a really fabulous blog written by Jenny Stradling. As an adult suffering with eczema she shares her experiences about feeling alone, there not being enough resources to find out more about adult eczema and she often documents her experience of what works and what doesn’t for her.

Itchy Little World feels very close to our hearts. Childhood eczema can be so severe and as a parent you want to do the best for your child. Having been through a similar tale we really do get where Jennifer is coming from.

Eczema Blues is a great site with a varied guest contributor blog. Sharing experiences can be so important to feel supported as well as listened to.

My Eczema Skincare Blog is a great place to find out about lots of great skin care routines and how they work. Follow this bloggers journey on managing eczema and those painful flare ups.


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