Guest Post: Introducing Beth Scott, Inventor of AD Rescuewear Wet Wrap Clothing.

AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe Products Were Born from an Eczema Child and His Frustrated, Weary Mom.

AD RescueWear’s founder is inventor-mom Beth Scott, who clearly remembers the anguish of watching her four-month-old son suffer from eczema. “He would scratch until he bled, and no one in the family could sleep because he was up all night.”  After an allergist diagnosed Beth’s son with eczema and a full-body staph infection, doctors recommended wet-wrap therapy.

Beth with her son, who inspired AdRescueWear's eczema wet wrap clothing.

Traditional wet-wrap therapy involves covering the inflamed area with wet dressings to hydrate the skin, help repair the skin barrier and prevent scratching. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, benefits include a decrease in staph bacteria (staphylococcus aureus) found on the skin, and reduced redness and inflammation. Wet-wrapping also rehydrates dry skin, lessens itching, and promotes more restful sleep.

Beth also remembers the frustration of tackling this type of treatment. “I was told to wrap my son in wet gauze or clothing and tape wet socks on his hands and feet, imagine doing that to an itchy, irritable and wriggling child. The process took an hour each time but the results were worth the effort.”

Wet wrapping made easy!

So Beth set out to find a better way, starting with prototypes she made at her kitchen table. “The results of wet-wrap therapy are amazing, but the process is so time-consuming, I wanted to design a product that would simplify the process for my son and the millions of other children who suffer from eczema, and help the lives of their parents as well.”

AD RescueWear’s Wrap-E-Soothe products represent a breakthrough in comfort and relief for children with eczema and convenience for the millions of parents who struggle to apply wet-wrap therapy. The product line includes the Wrap-E-Soothe Suit, a full-body suit for children ages six months to three years; Wrap-E-Soothe Tops and Bottoms designed for four- and five-year-olds; and Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves for problem areas on hands, arms, legs, feet, and ankles.

The Wrap-E-Soothe products are simply moistened and slipped onto the child. The
Children love the feel of the super-soft fabric of the Wrap-E-Soothe products on their irritated skin. Wrap-E-Soothe products are made with 94% TENCEL®/lyocell, a fully sustainable fiber made from eucalyptus pulp free of hazardous chemicals. Not only is it one of the softest fabrics available, it is smoother and more breathable than cotton, with excellent cooling and thermo-regulating properties. A small amount of Spandex is added to the fabric for easy dressing and a close fit to optimize wet-wrap therapy.

Wet wrap bodysuit with attached scratch mitts.

Wrap-E-Soothe products can also be worn dry as anti-itch undergarments  to soothe irritated skin and prevent scratching. The garments are reusable and machine-washable, which makes them more convenient and economical than gauze.

“My son is now 5 and he loves the Tops and Bottoms and if he starts itching at night while he’s sleeping I can slip the sleeves on his arms and legs and he doesn’t even wake up.” Says Beth.  “It’s been a lot of work starting a business and shipping product all over the world, but the e-mails I receive from relieved families makes it all worth it” says Beth.



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