Guest Post: Introducing Jae, Joint Founder of ScratchSleeves

This is the second in our series introducing you to the wonderful people behind the companies who make the amazing eczema products on our website.  Today we hear from Jae, who set up ScratchSleeves with her husband when their son Max’s eczema was at it’s worst.

Like all good inventions, ScratchSleeves were born of necessity. When our son, Max, was 4 months old his little face erupted with angry, itchy eczema. And he scratched. A lot. One particularly bad morning, which will stay with us forever, we found him in his cot covered in blood and looking like a scene from a horror movie. He had somehow extracted his arms from his swaddling blanket, wriggled just one thumb out of the flip-over mitts of his sleep-suit and scratched his poor itchy little face to shreds.

The ScratchSleeves Family

ScratchSleeves worked so well for Max that we gave a couple of sets to a scratchy little girl we had met at his swimming class. The thank you email we got back from her parents said it all “…for the first time in her life, Erin has slept through the night. She also woke up without any fresh scratches on her face. We can’t thank you enough.” It was then that we realised we could make a real difference to other parents in the same situation that we had found ourselves in. And so we set to work…

Setting up and running our company has been one of the most rewarding things that we ever have done. It has been tremendously hard work but we have helped countless little ones sleep comfortably through the night with our original ScratchSleeves design.

ScratchSleeves' New Pyjamas

We have recently added our very cute baby PJs to the range and there’s plenty more to come. One of the best things about running our own business has been the ability it gives us to watch our kids growing up – there aren’t many jobs that let you down tools at the end of the school day and start work again once the kids are in bed.

Our kids are now 6 and 3 and have always been involved in the business from modelling for photo-shoots, approving new colours and testing out new products to ‘helping’ pack up the orders. They certainly have a good understanding of how a business works – which will hopefully stand them in good stead when they go out into the big wide world. We always knew that parenthood would be a journey – but we certainly didn’t expect it to lead us here!

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