Living with Infant Eczema

Here at Everything for Eczema, we love working with real people – people just like you, dealing with their own skin problems, and/or those of their children. We believe it’s a much better way to raise awareness, share experiences and offer advice than just bombarding you with stats and research and facts & figures.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to introduce our newest Blog Ambassador, Elaine.

Hi! I’m Elaine, I’m 31 & I live in Dorset with my husband and our 3 children Alana 7, Harriet 4 & Dominik 2. I’ve had my fair share of eczema experience, firstly with Alana. She developed it at the age of about 4 months, it was severe but it was contained to just her cheeks, so with the creams the Dr prescribed and some natural organic baby balm it was pretty much under control within a few months.

Harriet luckily avoided the evil infantile illness that affects so many babies, but then Dominik on the other hand had it the worst.

Dominik was four months old when his eczema started with very red, painful patches on his cheeks. He couldn’t sleep at night and he rarely smiled or laughed because his cheeks were so sore.

Our GP prescribed various different emollient and steroid creams but nothing helped. His support was next to nothing, just kept suggesting new creams without trying educate us about eczema. After a massive battle, some begging and a few tears we finally got a referral to a dermatologist.

The dermatologist explained exactly how to apply the emollients, and really spent time educating us about eczema. Every week we get through 1.5kg of Emollient cream, & very strong steriod cream that only the dermatologist can prescribe.

Dominik is now 2 years old, we have spent the last 20 months trying to get the eczema under control, some days are good, some are not. When things get bad we have to bandage his arms and legs in zinc paste bandages.

Our favorite “Eczema” product has to be “scratchMeNots” ScratchMeNots mittens for eczema 

which we found through They have been a total savior to stop the scratch/itch cycle giving his skin time to heal.

Dominik still suffers with eczema and also has severe allergies to house dust mites, eggs, soya, peanuts, and cashew nuts. Although our fight still continues, I really want to help other mums going through this, some times you feel alone there is not much information out there.

We’re so grateful to Elaine for sharing her experiences, if you’re going through similar, do leave a comment below & we’ll do our very best to offer help & advice.  As Elaine said, sometimes you might feel alone, but we’re here to tell you – you’re not!

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