The Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

When you hear the word ‘Bamboo’, what do you think of?

bamboo for eczema

Gorgeous pandas, chomping away on big green sticks? The mini bamboo plants you sometimes see growing in British gardens? Maybe even bamboo in edible form (for us, not for pandas – slivers of cooked bamboo are sometimes found in Asian cooking!).

Probably not clothes though, right?  Soothe bamboo pyjamas for children with eczemaSo you might be surprised to hear that Bamboo Clothes are actually becoming more and more popular, for many reasons.

First & foremost, the fabric is incredibly soft, smooth and luxuriously comfortable to wear.

It’s a ‘dry’ fabric, in that it absorbs and evaporates sweat almost immediately, before it can aggrevate the skin. It’s also anti-static and anti-bacterial, making it perfect against sensitive skin.

It’s better for the environment too! Bamboo thrives naturally, without need for pesticides or chemical, it is the fastest growing plant in the world, so there is always plenty to go round!

Bamboo grows on hill slopes where no other crop is viable, and is very low maintenance – surviving largely on natural rain fall, as opposed to cotton, which needs to be watered frequently to cultivate a worthwhile crop.  bamboo is also cut, rather than uprooted, which is great news for soil stability.

The production of synthetic fabrics is a process littered with chemicals and the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.  Bamboo is all natural, sustainable and eco-friendly.  Not to mention so much kinder to your skin!

So, why not take a look at our beautifully soft Bamboo range of clothing and treat your little one to something that won’t just be kind to their skin, but kinder to the environment too!  And of course, the designs are great, so even the most style conscious tot will be impressed!

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