Eczema in Real Life: Lucy’s Story

Today we’re meeting another real-life eczema sufferer, Lucy from Surrey, about how treatments have improved since she was diagnosed as a baby and how she’s certainly not going to let eczema run her life! Over to Lucy:

Hello, my name is Lucy, I am 42 and live in Surrey with my son. I am a full time student, currently finishing a postgraduate degree in creative writing, and also coming to the end of a teaching qualification. I write and perform poetry and sometimes have it published too! My son is about to turn six next month, and as a single parent it is fair to say I have plenty to keep me busy at the moment!

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Eczema & Me: Lynette’s Story

Meet Lynette, our newest blog ambassador. She’s 32, runs a successful wedding shop in Cannock, and has suffered with eczema all her life.  Today, she shares some thoughts on how eczema has been affecting her everyday life for as long as she can remember:

At the age of 32, eczema has become a part of who I am.  Although I have tried not to let it define me, I have to say that at times, it has ruled my life.  It has dictated what I have worn, affected my moods, and most of all made me feel ugly and depressed.   Some might say I should have got used to it by now, and just accepted it, but I haven’t.

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