Are your children coming home from school with red, sore and chapped hands?

Children with eczema often suffer from red and sore hands. However now that they're back in school, there is the added challenge of the constant handwashing and use of hand sanitisers, which are making their skin even worse.

I work part-time in a primary school and we've noticed a huge increase in children with very sore hands, including children who've previously not suffered from eczema at all.   Most of the children with eczema use only soap and water now, or bring in their own hand wash and creams to apply regularly throughout the day.  However there are two things that are really helping the children's skin; making sure that they rinse all the soap off and that they dry their hands thoroughly (especially before going outside to play).

The National Eczema Society has some really useful information on eczema and hand hygiene in schools which you can read here.